1Q: Zombie Apocalypse-Survival Plan


As you continue to think about the best PLACE to create your survival settlement, MIGRATION will be something important to think about.  Human migrations and zombie migrations.  

Humans have a history of moving and finding new places to settle.  Through settlement geography, we can understand the influential factors in human migration.

Keep in mind what humans need, but you will also want to think about what zombies need.  Both of these will be important in selecting a location for  a successful survival settlement. 

Driving Question:  What is the reason for moving and migration?

You should be able to do the following when you finish this module:

-Understand and define migration.

-Understand and identify different types of migration.

-Identify the push and pull factors of migration.

-Evaluate locations of settlement geography.




Step 1: Go to geteach.com

Step 2: In the top left corner under "TWO EARTHS" click EARTH LAYERS.

Step 3: You will see a menu appear.  Scroll down to the bottom of this menu find the UP ARROW next to CHOOSE AN EARTH and click on it.

Step 4: You will see a smaller menu appear.  Click on the arrow next to HUMAN GEOGRAPHY. Another window will appear, this time click on POPULATION DENSITY.

Step 5: Grab the globe and move  it around so that you can see North America.

Step 6: Look at the bottom of the pop-up menu and click on the DOWN ARROW next to CHOOSE AN EARTH.

Step 7: Look at the top of the main pop-up menu and find BOUNDARY and click the OFF button.  You should see national borders appear.

Step 8: Look at the RIGHT side of the map and find the + and - icons and use them to zoom in a little closer to the United States.

Step 9: Select FIVE heavily populated spots on the map, and use the class atlas to identify the city that is located there.

Step 10:CREATE a document on GOOGLE DRIVE, name it MIGRATION1 and LIST YOUR FIVE CITIES (in no particular order).

Step 11:  Close the geteach.com window.

Continue using the document you created in GOOGLE DRIVE for the following:

Step 1: Make a LIST of what you as a human NEED to survive (list at least 5 or 6).  Rate them in order of importance.

Step 2: Apply the idea of needs to a settlement/community.  What do settlements/communities need and want in order to survive?  At what point would you stop moving?  What is enough for you to stay there?  Answer on your DOCUMENT.

Step 3: Think about the 5 cities you listed in your document.  How much of what you need/desire do you think those places have?   Answer on your MIGRATION1 DOCUMENT.


Step 1: Read the document TYPES of MIGRATION?

Step 2: Next Read the attachment WHY PEOPLE MOVE.

Step 3: Each GROUP will be responsible for one type of MIGRATION.  
Group assignments are below. 

Group 1-Internal Migration
Group 2-External Migration
Group 3-Emigration
Group 4- Immigration
Group 5- Impelled migration
Group 6-Step migration
Group 7-Return migration
Group 8-Seasonal migration
Group 9-Seasonal migration

Step 4: In your group discuss the TYPE of migration you have been assigned.  What are some specific examples your group can think of that illustrate your type of migration?  Use the internet if needed to help come up with examples of your type of migration.

Step 5: Your group will now CREATE A POSTER showing an example of the type of migration you have been assigned.
Your poster must have:
a. A Title
b.Large examples (fill the poster) of the migration you are explaining & reasons for this type of migration (push & pull)
c.Explanations of what is happening in this type of migration.

Step 6: Gallery Walk: Each group will post their poster in the room and we will conduct a gallery walk.

Step 7: Collect the POST-IT notes from your poster and discuss them as a group.  Use this time for REFLECTION.  Should something be changed on your poster?  If so make those changes now.

Step 8: SNAP SHOT: Once you have made any needed changes to your poster, PHOTOGRAPH your completed MIGRATION POSTER and then email it to yourself (and the members of your group) and upload it to your GOOGLE DRIVE ZOMBIE FOLDER and name it MIGRATION2.  

STEP 9: Log in to KID BLOG and create a blog entry , REFLECTING on what you learned from this MODULE.  Which of the FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY did you use during this part of the ZOMBIE OUTBREAK?  Why would they be useful?

****At the end of this section you should have TEN files in your ZOMBIE FOLDER: MIGRATION 2 MIGRATION1, RESOURCE1RESOURCE2, RESOURCE3, ZDAY3, ZMAP3, ZMAP2, ZDAY2ZMAP1, and ZDAY1

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