1Q: Zombie Apocalypse-Survival Plan


The Zombie Outbreak is in full swing!  

Your neighborhood received the Warning two days before the first zombies began appearing in your area.  

What is your first response?  First response is what you do immediately after a catastrophe occurs.  You must move quickly and think quickly.  The smallest mistake or bad decision could be disastrous.   So make wise choices.

TASK 1: CREATE a First Response Mental Map of your neighborhood (you may include other parts of the city if needed).

What places in your NEIGHBORHOOD would you go to in a zombie outbreak? 

What do you do?  

Who do you need?

What do you need?

Where would you get supplies?  

Where would you avoid?  

Where would you find shelter?

TASK 2: CREATE ON YOUR MAP, an explanation for each part of your Mental Map. 

Explain each of the choices you have made.  Keep in mind WHEN, WHERE, WHY, WHO, and HOW as you explain your Mental Map.

(Example: You identify a place on your map for shelter- next to it write your explanation of why this place.)

TASK 3: MAKE a SNAP SHOT of your MENTAL MAP using your phone (or have a friend do it or scan it, or ONLY if you don't have a phone to use, give your map to Mr. Beavers).  Add this to your ZOMBIE 


TASK 4: Log in to KID BLOG and create a blog entry , REFLECTING on what you learned from this MODULE.  Which of the FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY did you use during this part of the ZOMBIE OUTBREAK?  Why would they be useful?

****At the end of this section you should have FIVE files in your ZOMBIE FOLDER: ZMAP3ZMAP2, ZDAY2ZMAP1, and ZDAY1

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