1Q: Zombie Apocalypse-Survival Plan


Just because it’s the zombie apocalypse, doesn't mean the Earth doesn't stop affecting the survivors. 
We survivors need to keep dealing with weather, natural hazards, and the constraints of our physical environment. 
The shelter you created in your neighborhood was for short term safety.  You now need to think long term.
Why not find the best place to build a stronghold? 
This project will help make sure you choose a location that will provide all the opportunities you need.


How does our physical environment influence our lives or survival? Or, where is the best place to build our stronghold?

A graphic organizer (using bubbl.us) explaining the best location to build a settlement based on its physical characteristics.

• Location you think would be best to go to build a strong hold settlement.
• Physical characteristics of your location and its surroundings, including how they were formed and how they might change over time.
• Description of the climate of your location and how it is affected by the Sun.
• Opportunities the physical characteristics of your location provide.
• Constraints caused by the physical characteristics of your location.
• Natural hazards you might face in your location and how to avoid them.

STEP 1: OPEN your WARNING ZONE MAP from Part 2:Regional Warning.  Find ZONE 3 that you created on your map.  This REGION is where you and the other survivors with you have decided to create your stronghold for survival.

STEP 2: Find your ZONE 3 on this map.

OPEN http://www.arcgis.com/home/ and click on MAP at the top.

STEP 3: OPEN the file below GIS: Zombie Attack  and follow steps 12-24 on the MAP.

CLICK on BASE MAP on the tool bar.   Select TOPOGRAPHIC.  

STEP 5: The population and topography information on this map are great places to start thinking about completing this task.

STEP 6: Use these maps (and others) to help decide where to best create a STRONG HOLD during the Zombie Apocalypse, keeping in mind the guidelines above.  Once you have selected a place for your stronghold, use the INTERNET to find out about climate...etc.

STEP 7: Open bubbl.us and create your graphic.  (There is a HOW TO...video below on how to use Bubbl.us)

STEP 8: SAVE your graphic organizer to your GOOGLE DRIVE ZOMBIE FOLDER and name it ZDAY4.

STEP 9: Log in to KID BLOG and create a blog entry , REFLECTING on what you learned from this MODULE.  Which of the FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY did you use during this part of the ZOMBIE OUTBREAK?  Why would they be useful?

****At the end of this section you should have SIX files in your ZOMBIE FOLDER: ZDAY3, ZMAP3, ZMAP2, ZDAY2ZMAP1, and ZDAY1


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