1Q: Zombie Apocalypse-Survival Plan


With your understanding of REGIONS, you are going to create a REGIONAL MAP of the United States that will display WHO should be warned/helped and WHEN based on the data you obtained in Process 1: Tracking the Outbreak.  

Materials needed: copy of the UNITED STATES outline map, color pencils or crayons, markers

STEP 1:  CREATE CRITERIA for your warning zones.  Criteria includes any identifiable piece of information about a place.  It can be the presence or absence of something or a varying amount of something (population for example, places which have zombie attacks..etc).  Use the information from yesterday (go back and look at your map from yesterday if needed) and create 5 "Warning Zones.  You will need to decide how to divide the nation into these zones, and define the criteria for dividing these regions.  (things to think about distances, transportation options, physical features, population density...etc)  
When you have made your list of criteria, CREATE a DOCUMENT on GOOGLE DRIVE and type your list.  Save it in your ZOMBIE FOLDER as ZDAY2.

STEP 2: IDENTIFY BORDERS of your 5 ZONES.: Once you have identified the criteria you plan to base your regions on, you need to identify the border of those regions.  This requires data or information from the locations, about your criteria.  You then use that data to distinguish between places which meet the criteria you set up in STEP 1.  You already thought about some of this in Step 1.  

STEP 3: DISPLAY REGIONS: After you have chosen criteria and used the data to identify the borders of your regions (5 zones), you can place the regions on your BLANK MAP.  Draw the borders (which show how the location meets the criteria) onto a map.  Use shading, symbols, labels,or colors to distinguish different regions.

STEP 4: PHOTOGRAPH your completed WARNING ZONE MAP and then email it to yourself and upload it to your GOOGLE DRIVE ZOMBIE FOLDER and name it ZMAP2 .  (If you or a friend don't have a phone that will do this, you can turn in your MAP to Mr. Beavers.)

STEP 5: Log in to KID BLOG and create a blog entry , REFLECTING on what you learned from this MODULE.  Which of the FIVE THEMES OF GEOGRAPHY did you use during this part of the ZOMBIE OUTBREAK?  Why would they be useful?

****At the end of this section you should have FOUR files in your ZOMBIE FOLDER: ZMAP2, ZDAY2ZMAP1, and ZDAY1

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