Early Canadian Pioneers


Task 3 - Choosing Our Supplies

Before you set out on your journey, you and your family will need to go to the local General Store to stock up on supplies.

1.  Click on the General Store link.

2. Choose Activities on the left-hand side.

3. Then click on Math Activity Supply List.

4.  Make a list of your supplies and answer the questions on your
      Choosing Supplies worksheet. *Make sure to not go over
      your 1,500 pound limit.

5.  Show your math on your paper.  *You can check your answers
     with a calculator

Task 4 - Why These Supplies?

Now you have to explain why you chose the supplies you did.

Use the Choosing Supplies worksheet to write down your ideas. Marks will be given for thoughtful ideas and reasons that clearly show your understanding of why the supply was important. REMEMBER, an item can have more than one use!

Be prepared to talk about your reasons to the class.

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