Early Canadian Pioneers


Task 7 - What Kind of Home?

Now that you and your family have successfully completed your voyage, it's time to build a home.  But before you do, you will need to decide what type of land you want to settle on (prairie or forest) and what type of house you should build on that type of land.

1.  Keep track of your data by filling in the Venn Diagram

2.  Visit the Homestead in Western Canada websites to find information
      about log homes and sod homes.

3.  While reading this  site, keep in mind the following questions:

     - What kinds of pioneer homes were built where trees were
     - What kinds of pioneer homes were built where trees were
     - How did pioneers build sod homes?
     - How did pioneers build log homes?
     - How were log homes similar?  How were they different?
     - What were the advantages of each?
     - What sort of floor plan was typical of the sod or log house? 
       Number of rooms, windows, doors, fireplace, bedrooms?
     - What animals sometimes joined the pioneer family as

Task 8 - Interior of your Home



Homesteading on the Prairies - Early Life in Canada

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