Visit the links below to learn more about identifying and implementing strategies.

Add information to your chart for each student who has an IEP or is currently in Tier 2 or 3 for RtI.

Add to your journal a response to the following: What strategies do you feel comfortable implementing in your classroom? What strategies do you feel you need additional training for?


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  • Curriculum ESE Strategies for Success
    Description: First, read this list of Core Principles for Orange County Public Schools ESE. Then, explore some of the links listed on the left of the page, especially the ESE Strategies by Content Area link.

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  • Accommodations: Assisting Students with Disabilities
    Description: Focus on Section 3: Integrating Accommodations with Instruction, which begins on page 49 of the document. You will also find the Appendix very helpful when examining the IEPs of any students with disabilities enrolled in your class.

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  • Learning Strategies
    Description: This article by the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning discusses various strategies that teach students how to learn.

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  • Research-Based Instructional Strategies
    Description: This Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools web page lists and describes nine research-based instructional strategies that you will find useful when planning your lessons.

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