Figurative Language


 An idiom is a statement where the meaning differs from the actual words in the phrase.  Many times, people who do not speak English well are very confused by our idioms.

Examples:  It's raining cats and dogs.  (We know what that means, but think about what a foreigner may be picturing!)

Break a leg! (It means good luck, but how does one figure that out from words?

Open your figurative language journal:
  •  Date it, and title the page IDIOM.  
  • Write down the definition and three examples you make up or find on your own.  
  • Choose one of them to illustrate.

1. Click on the link below and read the idiom story and take the idiom quiz.  Be sure to keep track of how many you got correct and put your score in your journal.

2. Picture Idiom Activity: Click on the link below. Play the game and then write the Idioms in you journal.

3. Paint the Idiom Game: Click on the link below and play the game. If you get a right answer a portion of the picture will be painted for you.


Web Link

Web Link
  • Picture Idiom Game
    Description: Click on the link and play the game. I know these might be hard, but the site does provide hints for you.

Web Link

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