Figurative Language


Day 3: Alliteration

Alliteration is the repetition of initial sounds in neighboring words in order to increase memory. Several tongue twisters use alliteration.

Example:  Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.  She sells sea shells by the sea shore!

Open your figurative language journal:
  •  Date it, and title the page ALLITERATION.  
  • Write down the definition and three examples you make up or find on your own.  
  • Choose one of them to illustrate.

1. Go to the site below for further information about alliteration.

2. Alliteration Collage:  Create a collage of brand names, store names, or TV shows that use alliteration.  Find pictures on the web! Be creative! You need at least 10 examples in your collage! Print and keep it to pass in with your journal.

3. Click on the Alliteration PowerPoint presentation. View the presentation and write down additional information that you learn about alliteration in your Journal. 

4. Watch the Alliteration Game video and be ready to play the game as a class tomorrow! 


Web Link

Web Link
  • Alliteration Powerpoint
    Description: Open the PowerPoint, watch it is slide show presentation, you WILL NOT be doing the activity at the end. You will have another assignment instead.

Web Link
  • Aliteration Game
    Description: Watch the video we will complete this in class tomorrow.

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