Adventures in Analysis


1.  For each chapter set, you must have a 5-QUESTION, MULTIPLE CHOICE QUIZ.  You MUST provide answers for each. Yes, you can set it up in multi-media format such as the pink tiles on the symbaloo.

2.  As an alternative, you may create one 20-30 question MULTIPLE CHOICE TEST with answers provided. 

  • For each chapter set, write a five-question multiple choice or long answer quiz with higher level questions.  Do not copy and paste from the internet.  Develop these with your reading team.

  • Remember to use the test stem sheet as a guide.

  • Answers must be provided.  Yes, you need to know the answers!  

  • If you would like, you may substitute one 20-30 MC comprehensive novel final  with answers provided.

  • Link these assessments to your project.


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