Implementing RtI and IDEA in the classroom.

Least Restrictive Environment


TEAM 4: Your job is to look at least restrictive placement models and determine the pros and cons of each model.

When preparing for this task one should ask:

  • What do the laws say about the rights of students in reference to their placement?

  • How is least restrictive environment (LRE) determined?

  • Compare and contrast mainstreaming and inclusion. How are they alike? How are they different?

  • Evaluate the term "continuum of alternative placements".

  •  What are the arguments for and against full inclusion?


  • File
    Description: Task fill in the problem solution frame for the pros and cons of least restrictive environment.

  • File
    Description: Graphic made by Kimberley Beth Hanssen-McLean, Saint Leo University

  • File
    Description: PPT lecture titled: LRE, Mainstreaming and Inclusion- What's the Difference? Retrieved from www.jeffmcnair.com/Lectures/LREMainstreaming.ppt

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