Canadian Explorers

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For classes using Skype, this is a good opportunity to connect with another classroom who has also completed the Exploring Canadian Explorers Webquest.

The following instructions will help organize a Question/Answer period between both classes. This can easily be made into a Quiz Show competition.

1) Students must find at least three facts related to the explorer they are researching. They must create three questions based on these facts, but the answer must be the name of one of the eight explorers. For example:

Question: Which explorer originally came from Italy but has an English name?
Answer: John Cabot

2) Next, the teacher will split the class into teams of three or four students.
3) Each team must clearly print the names of each of the eight explorers on large, sentence strips. 
4) When the quiz show begins, one school will ask the teams of the other school a question.
5) The teams will answer by holding up the name of the correct explorer.
6) Each team will receive one point for a correct answer.

This is a good way to introduce classes to Skype and to have them interact in a fun way. Students will be competing against teams from their own school.

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