Pizz-A-Thon (research, explore, discover and create)

FFA Students Develop Educational Skills


In the picture taken in the 1990s, on the left, Brandy Boyd, (now Ag Teacher at Osceola, IA H.S.) was assisting Eldon Weber in research to determine the Pizz-A-Thon, the most effective agriculture literacy program for middle school students. She conducted the research while a graduate student at Iowa State University.

This page is available for FFA Chapters who want to be a part of testing the program.  FFA members may decide they are interested in assisting a lower grade to carry out one or more of the many options of the Pizz-A-Thon. This could be carried out in their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project. If interested, post your comments at the bottom the FFA-4-H Club page on the blog Resource below.

  • Have fun with the "Hangman Game."
  • Consider using the pre/post test on the "Quiz" page to evaluate your Pizz-A-Thon activities.
(See "Photos & Sponsor" page on this site and "Pictures-Fun and Learning" page on the blog javascript:nicTemp()to view activities from past Pizz-A-Thons.)

Develop skills in networking, organization, presentation and speaking.

Educ. Model Pizz-A-Thon 5-18-12 See the many educational attributes of this program. 

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The Pizz-A-Thon program is being tested in the Osceola high school vocational agriculture, providing a great opportunity for one or more students to engage the Pizz-A-Thon as their SAE project. They will assist an elementary or middle school teacher facilitate the program. This will not only be a great opportunity for the high school student, but a recruitment program for vocational agriculture (FFA). 


Quotes from Brandi Boyd

Brandi Boyd says:

It was a pleasure to work with you as this project got its start. I would love to work with you again! Each year my freshman students still do a unit that uses the founding principles of the Pizz-A-Thon. They love it! I think this project would easily lend itself to a SAE project. The students would learn such skills as networking, organization, presentation and speaking skills, along with numerous other useful 21st Century Skills. I have some students in mind and of course would need to talk with them and the elementary/middle school teachers. You can count me in!!!!
-Brandi Boyd
Agricultural Instructor/FFA Advisor
Clarke High School – Osceola


Quotes from the first SAE participant

Tara Norman says:

I am a senior and a student of Brandi Boyd’s and I am doing an independent study with her during her exploratory class. She has introduced me to the pizzathon program and I am so excited to get started with her. I have just looked over the curriculum given to Brandi and it is awesome. I am very interested in agriculture and teaching. At this point I’m very pulled between the two because I don’t know which way to go. I love agriculture and teaching but work better with younger students then older. I would love to be an agriculture teacher but again like the younger education. So Brandi advised me that I could be an elementary teacher and include agriculture in my teaching. This program relates to me so well. It includes two things I love the most, agriculture and teaching. I’m so excited and can’t wait to share my experience when I get started.


Notes For FFA-SAE Student

  • Understand the program before approaching potential teachers and sponsors.

-Review the two companion websites, the Pizz-A-Thon blog in Resource below  and this "Virtual Pizz-A-Thon" website of lessons/activities.

  • Develop your strategy in approaching prospective sponsors and teachers.

-Analyze students time available for the project and develop a draft time schedule to assist the teacher. Demonstrate the “Virtual Pizz-A-Thon” Internet-based program can be easily implemented as the program is designed for independent student learning.

-Talk to two knowledgeable Farm Bureau people to get ideas and note their enthusiasm (refer Farm Bureau contacts to visit with them about their experience).

“Ask if they know any Farm Bureau staff or members or Happy Joes Pizza resturants. Linn County Farm Bureau and Scott Co. Farm Bureau in Iowa and Rock Island County Farm Bureau in IL. have been long time sponsors. Happy Joes in Bettendorf has been a Major Sponsor.

-Call your agriculture organizations or commodity groups or grocery or food companies and say you would like to meet with them to discuss a program that will be a “first in the State” with lots of visibility for whomever is involved.

-Stress the flexibility of the program to fit their objectives, goals and time available.

-On the websites, show them a photo of a T shirt and how their name will be on the back, show a medallion and ribbon. Tell them the program has fit very well as an “Ag in the Classdroom Program” of Farm Bureau in some counties and will now be included on their State website.

  • Consider Showcasing Your Program. One example, your students could feature the three top Pizz-A-Thon teams and display place mats and logos at the county fair. FFA or 4-H livestock and vegetables could be integrated into the program to make the connection of pizza to the farm. Or the students could arrange for a separate community day to showcase their program.
  • Keep Journal Highlights on the blog FFA-4H Club page In Resource below. 
  • Work with media to publicize the program from the beginning.

-Call and say you would like to meet with them to discuss a program that will be a “first in the State” with lots of visibility for whomever is involved. See if they are interested in you providing them pictures of your activities or interviews.

  • Opportunity to Sponsor and be Recognized

I would like to invite ___________________ to be a sponsor of our program.

  • Benefits to Sponsors, Kids and Teachers

Sponsors will receive publicity through the media and through the program *materials.

Students are given T Shirts with sponsors names on the back and awards are presented consisting of medallions and ribbons. Teachers are provided stipends and our FFA Chapter (teacher) will receive a stipend.

Awards Ceremony

Kids love the awards ceremony. See the picture on the Title page (the winning team at the Echo Hill 4th Grade, Marion Iowa, ceremony held at the school March 30, 2012 ) to draw your own conclusion as to how excited the kids are as they receive awards. 

All participants receive ribbons, winning team members receive Pizz-A-Thon shirts and medallions, where there are approved annual sponsors of the program. See the blog page Virtual Pizz-A-Thon and SPONSOR OPPORTUNITY pages for more on the awards. See Recipe "Prize Pizza" page for the creative names and recipes winning in the past. Also see that page for the first pizza.

For information email  e1935w@aol.com

The blog site   javascript:nicTemp() will give you background information, pictures, a place to record your journal highlights and an opportunity for you to ask questions.  See the blog "Students Learn While Having Fun" (bottom of page) for example of Resource Word Documents (charts) associated with activities.    

Alternative Source of Resouces - Charts For Research Activities on "Students Learn While Having Fun" page of:  javascript:nicTemp(); 

If you preferred, individuals and/or teams could keep their notes or reports on the Word documents below and they could be printed.  One can modify, delete or add activities.

For the following Word Files, click on the highlighted file name and then click on the box in the lower left corner to download the charts/illustrations.

Student Plan UNIT ONE 5-18-12 Explore and discover quality soil and gain an appreciation for protecting it.

Student Plan UNIT TWO 5-18-12 Research as to what is the best pizza for the future. 

Student Plan UNIT THREE 5-18-12 Develop a logo, place mat and marketing  your ideas for promoting your “Prize Pizza” and Pizzeria.

Student Plan UNIT FOUR 5-18-12 Prepare for competition -judging and or demonstrating.

Soil-Root Link To Conservation 4-27-12 Importance of Soil and water conservation! The force of the raindrop as it hits an unprotected soil surface starts the erosion process.

Web Page Conservation 4-4-12 Answers to Soil and Water Conservation Questions.

 Tracing Pizza Flow Chart 4-7-12 Trace ingredients from “slice to soil.”

Food and Fiber Cycle 5-17-12 Trace the different stages of food and the many careers involved in creating your “Prize Pizza.”

Logo  placemat 4-8-12 Be creative in designing your pizzeria logo and place mate to attract attention, providing fun activities as kids wait for their pizza.

Business-Health Worksheet 5-26-12 Calculate profit and calories.

Research Market Your Pizza 4-8-12 It is important that your marketing research team be creative in attracting customers in wanting to eat your “Prize Pizza.” 

Happy Joe's Pizza, and Linn, Scott and Rock Island IL County Farm Bureaus have been annual sponsors. 

Application-OrderForm 5-18-12 Participant and Sponsor Application Form and Order form for T shirts, medallions and plant-root observation box.

Play Hangman Game to review words associated with the Pizz-A-Thon.

Create Pizza for astronauts stranded on Mars.


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