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Medical Team - Care for Patient

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Fitness Trainer
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Introduction Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

Use the Internet information linked below to answer these questions specifically related to the fitness trainer:

1. Exercise is an important factor in maintaining overall health for all ages and medical conditions. You need to design an exercise program for your patient that is apppropriate for their age, ability level, and/or special needs.
2. Lay out the specifics of the exercise program in terms of daily workouts. Be specific about the duration and intensity of the exercise sessions and what is included in each session (ex. cardiovascular work or strengh training, etc.)
3. You may need to consider that most people need motivation to start exercising and keep exercising throughout their life. What suggestions do you have for your patient?
Healthy People 2020
This site is designed to share the guidelines set up to promote healthy living through physical activity.
American College of Sports Medicine
Basic information about beginning an exercise program.
Center for Disease Control Adolescent and Teen Issues
This is a link off of the main CDC page dedicated to adolescent and teen issues including physical activity.
Bright Futures in Practice: Physical Activity
This is a book online divided into various sections on exercise guidelines.
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