Mission of the CSS Kamloops

Mission #2: Other Stellar Objects


Way to Go!

Now that you are an expert on planets in our Solar System, it's time to learn about the the other kinds of things we might encounter on our mission.

Mission #2: Other Stellar Objects

Once you have completed your Planetary Journal, you must find answers to the following questions about other stellar objects in our solar system.

     1) Print out Attachment #1: Stellar Objects. This worksheet will
          have your questions.

     2) Use the links below to find the answers to the questions on your


     Comet Facts for Kids


     The Asteroid Belt from Nine Planets

     Asteroid Facts from Ask an Astronomer


     Sun Facts from Ask an Astronomer

Earth's Moon

     Interesting Facts & Questions about the Moon
     The Moon from Nine Planets


Description: A quick explanation of comets.

Description: Yo,yo...rappin' about comets and asteroids. Some good information here.

Description: Great information about the Sun from NASA.


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