Researching Stocks for Investing

Task 4: Researching Stocks


Go with What You Know
The stock market is made up of companies and brands that you know and love. Think about the shampoo you use, sports you play, movies you watch, cars you like, your favorite cereal--anything that comes to mind. Use these ideas to think of companies that you may want to buy stock.
"Go with what you know" is what the experts say. Think about your life and list 10 products, brands, or companies you love.

Watch how Warren Buffett does it!


  1. Use the Researching Stocks worksheet below or from your instructor to record your answers. Use Google Finance, MSN, CNN, or some other money-type URL to research your companies.  Record all the information on the Researching Stock worksheet. You may also want to note somewhere, maybe the back of the worksheet, the assets and liabilities of the company. A company that has a lot of debt may be too much risk for anyone to consider investing in the company. When you have finished this, you are almost done!!


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  • Researching Stocks
    Description: A worksheet to analyze stocks that you may want to invest in.

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