Step 3


Step 1

You are about to travel back in time.  You are attending one of Krashen's famous lectures in a congress. 

Are you ready to see Krashen live? 

Imagine it is 1983 and you are in the USA in a conference room.

Watch the following YouTube video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA7FfdNeAp4& and get some first impressions.

Think about the  following questions:

1.     What did Stephen Krashen look like?

2.     Was he a mad linguist?

3.     What was he probably like as a teacher?

4.     What was comprehensible input?

Step 2

Read about  Krashen's Input Hypothesis . Click here for a copy of Krashen's book "Principles and Practice in Second Language Acquisition". Read Chapter 2 section 4 (pp. 20-30) by clicking on the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

As you read the section, you keep notes and drawings (in a personal manner) . Your job is to research Krashen's main points on the relevance of comprehensible input and its influence on language acquisition. 

Step 3

Using your notes, summarize the main ideas from chapter 2: section 4 and design a creative multimedia presentation of your understanding of Krashen's hypothesis.

You might want to create a video and upload it on Youtube, or you might choose to make a dynamic presentation using Prezi or VoiceThread, you could create a comic using Pixton, or a mental map using Text2mindmap.

In fact there are hundreds of free ways to make multimedia presentations on the web. You just need to look. If you would like more ideas, have a look at this site. Just remember to be as creative as you can!

When you have finished, paste the link to your product to the forum provided. You will not be able to see what other students have created until you have uploaded your work.

Step 4

Look at the graphic representations your partners made  and choose your favorite.

In the forum explain which one you like the best, explaining why.

Please look at the evaluation rubric before starting this activity.

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