The Grand Slam Probability Quest



Did you know that we are constantly surrounded by math? We practice math and probability every day of our life? We use it when crossing the streets, playing a competitive game, guessing the weather, when betting on a team, and much more. Think this through:

Have you ever played a game at a carnival, and noticed that its outcome turned out to be not what you expected? Were the possibilities of you winning likely or unlikely? Have you ever wondered how and why weather forecasters are so good at predicting the weather for the next day? How can they be right most of the times? Are they good guesser or does probability plays a role in this?

Lastly, have you ever watched a baseball game and noticed the commentators stating which players are likely to hit a run and which players are less likely to score a run? Are they basing their assumptions on past experiences and game outcomes? How can we use old data to make comparisons and prediction about future outcomes?

he concept of Probability will answer you all these questions. Probability is a way of expressing knowledge or belief that an event will occur or has occurred. Before expressing such belief of possible and impossible outcomes we first begin by studying data. The purpose of the following Web Quest is to introduce you to some interesting problems and learn about probable outcomes!


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