"The Necklace"



BONJOUR!!! Did you ever think you would get the opportunity to travel back in time!?! NO!!! Well today's your lucky day!  You will be taking a field trip to Paris, France during the 19th century.  When you arrive, you will be experiencing a "day in the life" of a French citizen.  Why visit France during this period in time? Glad you asked! By understanding the lives and culture of France in the 1880's, you will be exploring the setting of the short story "The Necklace," by Guy de Maupassant. When this trip is over, each student will have experienced what it was like to be a member of society, both as a wealthly aristocrat, and a poverty stricken working man. You will then take what you have learned about the differences in class and observe social differences you see among your own classmates.  Do your best to take the information you gather and really become the citizen. BON CHANCE!!! 

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