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Howard Gardner created the Multiple Intelligence Theory. He understood that everyone learns and studies differently. I will use the information from this quest to create engaging activities during the year.

The different intelligences are:
  • Verbal/Linguistic: Word Smart
  • Musical/Rhythmic: Music Smart
  • Logical/Mathematical: Number Smart
  • Visual/Spatial: Picture Smart
  • Bodily Kinesthetic: Body Smart
  • Intrapersonal: Self Smart
  • Interpersonal: People Smart
  • Naturalistic: Nature Smart

When you have completed this cyberspace adventure you will be able to:

  • Understand your strongest Multiple Intelligences
  • Acknowledge your weaker Intelligences
  • Choose activities that will inspire you express what you know effectively
  • Become more confident in your learning

Guiding Questions:
Do you know how you learn best?
Who is Howard Gardner, the man? 

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