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The Problem:

Schools around the country are having trouble with students bullying other students.  All kinds of bullying are taking place: verbal bullying, emotional bullying, physical bullying, and even cyberbullying.

It used to be thought that bullying was just a part of growing up.  It has since been declared that bullying is a serious health crisis.  Thousands of children and teenagers miss school everyday in the United States because they are worried about being the target of a bully.  Essentially, everyone is involved in bullying in some way at some point of their life.

Bullies, the people who are tormenting other people, need to be stopped.  Some bullies do not realize that their actions are considered to be bullying.  They might think that they are just "joking" or "fooling around," but to a target, their actions might be causing a great deal of damage.  Bullies need to be educated about their actions.  Some bullies need to seek counseling to change a behavior that they have seen as okay for a long time.  Drastic measures may need to be taken to change the bully's ways.

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