Thomas Paine and Common Sense



Did you know that Thomas Paine had a very unique middle name? His middle name is Isa! Because after "Common Sense" was published the British would say "BOY THAT Thomas IS A Paine!" after all it was his pamphlet titled "Common Sense" that spelled out in plain English that the average American could understand why the colonists should support the American Revolution! But all kidding aside (his middle name was not Isa), propaganda and persuasive speech have played an important role throughout American History. Your quest is to research the causes of the American Revolution, and just like Thomas Paine, create a pamphlet. Your goal is to convince your classmates to either be a Patriot or a Loyalist. Once your pamphlet is complete you will present it to your classmates and try and convince them to support the American Revolution or explain why they should remain loyal to England.

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