Charting the Course: Social Studies WebQuest



Part 1 - American History - Westward Expansion

Have you ever thought that something is really unfair? Then you know how such a feeling can provoke anger and frustration. Some great people in the past have acted upon their anger and frustration, and have tried to make a change, moving towards a fair society. A long time ago, in the 1800s, several people have felt frustrated with the concept of slavery. They have considered it unfair and inhumane and tried to make a change, and have become popular because of their courage and motivation to change society. Let's go back in time together to see how these people have influenced the reform movement.

Part 2 - World History - Age of Revolution

What would happen to our country if we just accepted the world as it is? The answer is, not much. But how have countries like America and France become the free, democratic nations they are now? And have they influenced each other? Lets travel back in time and see how revolutions around the world have caused change and how the outcomes of these revolutions are related. 

Part 3 - Civics/Government - Structure of Government

Imagine you just broke free from the British monarchy, winning the revolutionary war. As a founding father, you now have the great opportunity to design laws for a democratic country. Which laws would you institute, and why? Let's see what your constitution would look like!

Part 4 - Geography - Places and Regions

You have just been chosen to host a student from abroad who has never been to  the United States before. The student is very interested and wants to know everything about your state, Arizona, to make travel plans, buy appropriate clothes, and prepare for cultural differences. Now it is on you to collect the information necessary to ensure that your guest can successfully prepare for her trip. 

Part 5 - Economics - Personal Finance

You are at the mall and have found the item of your dreams! A new I-Pad! It costs $499 (including taxes) and you have $ 500 in your bank account. You would love to buy it, but also want to have money left to go and watch the new movie at the theater with your friends and have dinner at your favorite restaurant later on. Will you buy the I-Pad? And if you do, what is the safest and best way to pay for it? 

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