Exploring Missouri!



What do you REALLY know about the state you live in? For instance, did you know the ice cream cone was invented in St. Louis Missouri in 1904?  That's right! Those ice cream cones you eat came right here from mighty MO!
In this project you are the travel guide! You will explore Missouri and create a fun and informative brochure to show the important facts about mighty MO and her history, and also some incredible fun facts.  In your brochure you must include some specific required information:

  1. You will need to tell us who the Missouri Governor is currently and what his or her role is in Missouri's government.
  2. You will need to also include what the General Assembly of Missouri is and give a description.
  3. You will need include Missouri's Secretary of State's name, and his or her role in Missouri's government.
  4. Finally, you will need to include Missouri's Attorney General's name and a description of his or her role in Missouri's government.

In addition to these facts, you will need to provide three facts about Missouri's history, and three interesting facts about Missouri to encourage people to come visit! These facts can be famous individuals from Missouri, information on our state's government, or any other relevant interesting facts you can find, along with why you chose each fun fact.  For example, I like ice cream...so I chose a fact about ice cream cones! Make this fun...Missouri has a lot of history!!

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