Pythagoras And The PythagoreanTheorem



  • Situation...

Fiona is locked in the house and is calling Shrek to save her. 

It is difficult for Shrek to save her as the only open window is on the second floor, 9 metres above the ground. 

In order to save Fiona, Shrek has to borrow a ladder from one of his neighbours. As outlined in the picture attached below, there is a bush along the edge of the house.

Shrek has to place the ladder 3metres from the house.

Help Shrek to save Fiona by calculating the length of the ladder he needs to reach the window and complete his mission. 


  • Revision of important  mathematical concepts needed for the coming lesson

Before we proceed on with this lesson it is best to challenge your knowledge by going through the Powerpoint Presentation below and become familiar with important mathematical concepts that are needed for this lesson...Let's take a look!! 

After viewing Powerpoint Presentation, a class discussion about these mathematical concepts will follow together with teacher.

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