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  • Advantages and Flaws in V.O. Keys Retrospective Model of Electorate Choice

V.O. Key states that, more often than not, that campaign promises can't be trusted. Key, however, recasts this negative as a new method to allow a voter to evaluate candidates: judgment based on the previous actions of the incumbent's party. To boil the question down to its simplest, Key would have the potential voter ask, "Am I better off now than I was before this administration?" as a basis for the decision. This model, while appealing for its intuitiveness and simplicity, does have limitations.

  • Affirmative Action: An Analysis of Positive and Negative Effects

Choosing this topic to write my paper for me a writer examines affirmative action progress in integrating women and minorities, people with disabilities, older citizens, and veterans into America’s workplaces and universities. But much more needs to be done to achieve fundamental fairness for all. In New York and across the United States, discrimination continues to be found at all levels of business and education.

  • Africa and Development 

Rodney further argued that the social institutions developed by the colonial powers did create some order (even if repressive and racist) in African nations, and that when the colonial powers quit their former nations and took with them their armies and civil servants, their treasury secretaries and schoolmasters, there were no indigenous social institutions left for people to fall back on. The colonial powers had intentionally broken down the structures of governance that they had found in Africa, intentionally broke apart old alliances, deliberately made the people in each nation depend upon them for governance. And then – more or less abruptly, they left. And in far too many cases chaos descended.

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  • African Politics As An Impediment To Effective Economic Development Strategy.

This paper will first analyze how much of Africa's stunted growth can be linked to the west, and then how much of it can be linked to African policies and politics themselves. This analysis will show that it is probably impractical to try to separate the two. Following this, the paper will look at two case studies, Nigeria and South Africa, as examples of how politics and external influence can affect economic growth. In the final analysis, it is clear that the state of African economic development is a product of the North/South divide at large. This is not to say that African politics or policies are in any way equal or superior to those of developed economies; but rather that a broad focus must be taken when looking at politico-economic development in Africa or in the third world at large.

  • Afghanistan Election 

This paper according to the experts from buy college essay service analyzes the recent election in Afghanistan, what led up to it, how important it may be, and the reaction of the world, an election that after a period of dictatorial rule by the Taliban, ousted by the United States after the 9-11 attack and evidence showing Taliban involvement, with Afghanistan serving as a test of whether an Islamic country can become democratic

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