Application of Psychology



This assignment is intended to foster understanding and insight into thosewith mental illnesses, developmental disorders, and/or impairments. The abilityto be empathetic promotes increased understanding which allows an individual toassist others more efficiently. The simulations will encourage the student tovalue the importance of being receptive to others. Utilizing knowledge acquiredthrough studying psychology will further assist with evaluating and empathizingwith those who have a mental illness, developmental disorder, and/orimpairment. The student is strongly encouraged to view the simulations as ifthey are the individual experiencing the symptoms or impairment. Thesimulations may be disturbing and hard to watch; if they are too difficult toview, please cease watching immediately. However, the student is encouraged towatch the videos with the idea that those coping with these issues cannotremove themselves completely from their symptoms or impairment; they may obtaintreatment that will provide some relief but are unable to remove themselves likethe student can when leaving the simulation. Therefore, watch all thesimulations and cease watching if and only if they are too uncomfortable ordisturbing to watch; also, note the warnings provided with each simulation. Afterviewing the simulations, answer the questions provided in an effort to discussthe experiences.

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