Stamps - Mirrors of Australia



Who is Australian?
Exactly who is the face of Australia? Who is the typical Aussie? 
These are the questions you will investigate and answer in the course of this WebQuest.

In order to understand Australia as a multicultural nation, you need to understand the principles of diversity that have guided the Australian Government's approach to multiculturalism. The following website provides information on the Government’s current multicultural policy. While reading the following policy outline, be sure to note the four principles that underline Australia's approach to multiculturalism.  http://www.immi.gov.au/media/fact-sheets/06evolution.htm.

 Every year Australia Post issues commemorative stamps.  Check out some examples of stamps sets that have been recently issued here http://www.stamps.com.au/shop/stamps.

How many of the previously issued stamp sets that your group looked at depicted the culturally diverse nature of Australia? Did the nature of the stamps issued reflect the four principles of multiculturalism in Australia?



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