The Holocaust: A Webquest



During the Holocaust, more than six million Jewish people were killed by German Nazi soldiers led by Adolph Hitler. Denmark was the only country in Europe to come together as a nation to help her Jewish citizens. Through many acts of bravery and courage, the people of Denmark were able to save over 7,000 Jews. We have read about one of these acts of bravery in our book, Number The Stars, an example of historical fiction.

As you've read in the book, Nazis censored the newspapers in Denmark because they did not want the citizens to know what was really going on. Some reporters were courageous enough to create illegal newspapers so that everyone would know the truth. One of the resistance newspapers was called "De Frie Danske" which means "The Free Danes". Your mission, should you be courageous enough to accept it, is to create your own newspaper detailing the truths of the Holocaust while learning about both Nazi and Jewish culture. You will present your creation to your fellow classmates.

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