Bill of Rights are important for each of us to know what rights as citizens we are entitled. In our study of the Bill of rights we are going to create a television news program about controversial issues today, from our reading books, and even within our own lives that relate to the Bill of Rights.

We will create ten t.v. shows. Each show will be about one of the ten amendments in the Bill of Rights. Each t.v. show will include a panel of three students: a Host who will run the show and ask thoughtful, probing questions; a News Commentator 1  who will argue one side of the issue; a
News Commentator 2 who will argue the opposing side of the issue. Each student will research their issue and prepare their script or television presentation. Then in class, we will videotape the show. This is an audience participation news show, so there will be an opportunity for viewers to ask questions to the panel. After we have produced the show, we will put them all together, and create a video of the Bill of Rights.

After we have viewed the show in its entirety, each student will choose an issue from their novel they feel strongly about, assume the role of the character effected, look at issues in real world situations and write a blog over the experience.


Description: Written Bill OF Rights

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