We Want Vicenza Elementary School to Be Bully Free



Parents are extremely concerned that Bullying is taking place at VES and that nothing is being done about it by administraton and teachers.  Administration and teachers are saying that students are not reporting "Bullying"  incidences to them.  No parent feels comfortable sending their children to an unsafe place to learn.  If there is indeed "Bullying" taking place, we want to stop it and make our school a safe place for students to learn.

Recently a survey was taken as a result of three sixth graders reporting they were being bullied at the bus stop, on the playground, and while departing the bus and walking to class.  The survey showed that:

  • 51%o sixth graders said that there is bullying taking place. 
  • 29% of sixth graders said there is some bullying taking place. 
  • 11% of sixth grades said if there is I haven't seen it.  
  • 09% of sixth graders said I do not know.                                                        

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