Problem Solution Essay Topics For College



Problem solution essay topics for college are designed to identify a problem—whether local or global—and then propose a solution to that problem. When choosing your problem, make sure that it is something is important to you and affects the community.If for some reason you begin to doubt your abilities to write a good essay, then it is better to contact this service MeowEssay there you can find the help of wonderful creative writers who are always ready to help. When choosing a problem it is important that the solution is viable, economically feasible, and practical. Here are a few problem-solution topics you can consider:

  • How can teen drivers be convinced not to text and drive?
  • What is the solution to the growing homelessness problem?
  • How can global warming be solved in a practical way?
  • What can be done to improve the literacy rate in the United States?
  • How can global leaders eliminate the threat of terrorism?
  • What is the solution to balancing budgets between sports and sciences in school?
  • How can universities make higher education more affordable in the United States?
  • What can be done about college drugs used to stay awake during exams?
  • How can parents help their children deal with bullying in schools?
  • What are the solutions to local traffic movement that can improve transportation in the community?
  • How can STDs be prevented?

  • What are the solutions to the increasing rate of teen pregnancy?
  • What solutions are available for child obesity?
  • How can the education system change to decrease the rate of dropouts?
  • What can be done about cheating in college?
  • How can the government increase the adoption of green energy in local communities?
  • What solutions are available to help the growing number of autism diagnoses in children?
  • How can the government better prepare for natural disaster relief?
  • What solutions are available to reduce the rate of unemployment?
  • How can society reduce the rate of underage drinking and tobacco consumption?

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