Tips for Passing CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Using PrepAway Resources



It’s no secret that information systems provide efficient ways of doing business. Unfortunately, these systems are prone to constant threats such as privilege escalation, viruses, and hacking. To protect against such, companies hire IT experts with proper training in information technology security. For instance, IT professionals with CompTIA Security+ certification is equipped with the skills to mitigate and manage risks associated with network intrusion.

Attaining this credential comes with a wide range of benefits. You will increase your employability and ability to bargain for higher pay. For instance, as perPayScale, the average salary for a Security+ certified expert is $72K per year, with most firms paying between $45K and $115K. Some of the companies you could work with include Agile Defense Inc., The Joint Commission, and U.S. DoD contractors such as Northrop Grumman. These are just but a few of the hundreds of firms that require cybersecurity experts.

Although Security+ is the basic certification for cybersecurity experts, it is recommended that you be Network+ certified and have at least two years’ experience as an IT security administrator. Now, for you to gain this certification, you must score at least 750 on a scale of 100 – 900, in your SY0-501 exam. Below are some of the tricks to follow when preparing for your exams.

Find out the scope of the exam
Before taking up any exam, it pays to find out what areas will be tested. This helps you determine the most relevant resources to use and what to read. According to CompTIA, the areas tested in SY0-501 exam include pen tests & vulnerability scanning procedures, network architecture & design, and cybersecurity risk management. 

It also checks one’s competencies in installation and configuration of wireless security and network devices. As a holder of this accreditation, you should have the capacity to troubleshoot any issues arising from these areas to support the security policy of your company.

Find out what materials are available
The first step that makes you closer to the CompTIA Security+ certification is checking the vendor’s prep materials. On CompTIA website, you’ll find ebooks, classroom training, and practice tests. This material is useful. If you feel that this is not enough, get the optional materials such as video courses and exam dumps from https://www.techicz.com/.

PrepAway is one of the top communities of certified IT experts in various specialties. When it comes to CompTIA Security+ certification, the site provides free exam tests uploaded by candidates who have passed the certification test. For your self-paced preparation, the website offers 18 hours long video lessons with 121 lectures.

The beauty of using PrepAway video lessons is that they are designed by leading experts in the IT industry, with years of expertise in setting CompTIA exams. This applies to their practice exams. IT means that if you master the concepts in these resources, you stand a better chance of passing your exam at the first attempt.

Free versus premium prep-resources – Make your pick!
The decision on whether to choose free or paid exam preparation resources highly depends on your budget. The advantage of free study lessons and practice tests is that you spend less on exam preps. The only challenge with these materials is that they may not be as current as their premium counterparts. For instance, at PrepAway you can find SY0-501 Premium bundle just for $19,99. Along with a number of verified questions and answers, training course, you ‘ll get a study guide. A great bargain, isn't it? Note, that this price is subject to change depending on company policy.

On the other hand, paid resources come with the most recent information about the certification. They are carefully checked by the real IT experts and are valid, as well as updated. Therefore, their tests give you a clear picture of what to expect during the main exam. It is therefore very clear that paid preparation plans increase your chances of passing your exams on the first try.

Be thorough with self-testing
The best thing you can do to yourself concerning preparing for your SY0-501 exam is to build your confidence level. You can achieve this by doing your practice tests repeatedly until you master all concepts covered by the certification. If you find yourself repeatedly failing certain topics, take the time to read those sections until you master them. You also need to familiarize yourself with Security+ terminologies, acronyms, and encryption definitions.

Allow yourself enough study time before sitting for your exams. Use your study time wisely. Be deliberate about setting apart time to do your revisions and above all, seek to understand whatever you are learning. This will determine how well you will apply this knowledge in your job. Remember that when all is said and done, it is only what you can do that matters and not what your papers say.

Cultivate a robust study style
Just like any other learner, it is important to cultivate a study style that works for you. This will depend on various factors such as your personal preferences and availability. While some people prefer classroom training others are just fine with studying online on their own. There are those who do not have enough time to attend classes due to work commitments. In such case, train with exam dumps from PrepAway and track your results. Train as many times as possible to improve your final score.

To be fair to yourself, understand what style works for you. This will help you make the right decisions on what study option best suits you. This way you relief yourself of anxiety and pressure that comes with extremely tight schedules.

CompTIA Security+ is one of the core IT certifications for anyone who wishes to advance their career in cybersecurity. For you to attain the Security+ certification, you must pass SY0-501 exam by a score of 750. Some of the available materials for preparing for this test include paid PrepAway CompTIA Security+ video lectures and practice exams. In order to benefit from these materials, you need to devise a study plan that works definitely for you depending on your schedule and budget. A mix of both paid and free study materials could help you cut your exam preparation budget considerably.

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