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Shortly before midnight on April 14, 1912, the "unsinkable" Titanic hit an iceberg during its first trip to New York. She sank in less than three hours. The reasons for such a disaster were many. The flames caused by the friction of coal going down to the boilers with speed accelerated before the ship left Belfast - despite this, a certificate of seaworthiness was issued before it left Southampton; the fire continued for two days en route, no doubt weakening the metal structure of the vessel; the number of lifeboats was inadequate, and the crew was not trained to properly release and manage the available ones; while other ships in the Atlantic slowed down due to iceberg reports, Captain Edward J. Smith ordered full speed ahead.

The hint of a subsequent tragedy began in a first class cabin. The ice cubes in the poker player's glass clinked, as if shocked by an invisible hand. It was a moment when pieces of a visible iceberg, shaved off as they slid alongside Titanic, hit its lower decks. A gigantic, invisible and destructive mass, drifting under the waterline, cut through a huge wound on the side of the liner and sent it deep into.
The water rose about 14 feet above the keel. A waterproof bulkhead between boiler rooms No. 6 and 5 extended only to deck height. The first five compartments filled up, and the weight of the water pulled the Titanic to the nose. When it went down, water from boiler room No. 6 flooded boiler room No. 5 and flooded No. 4, 3, 2 - and soon. Captain Smith, with the help of Bruce Ismay, the ship owners' managing director, calculated the scale and outcome of the damage from two minutes to midnight. The Titanic had an hour and a half, perhaps two, before it sank.

The creators of the Titanic wanted to focus on the accommodation of passengers and speed, as they wanted to surpass all the ships that were before (Foster 11). Harland and Wolf Shipbuilding Company took on the task of building the Titanic. Shortly after its sister vessel, the Olympic, was completed, the Titanic was moved to another location of the company, and improvements were made in accordance with the Ismai standard (Wade 18). The official number assigned to the ship was 3909 04, which means NO POPA when kept in the mirror. Many say that this is the reason that the ship sank (Lord 17).

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