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Is getting Microsoft certified worth your effort and time?

Among the broad certification exams offered by various IT organizations, one impeccable provider stands out above the rest - Microsoft. This multinational company has been in the business for a long time and certainly, it has become one of the top competitors in the field.

Many professionals love how diverse Microsoft certifications are. They’ve got options for everyone. For instance, if you’re looking for the entry-level certifications there’s MTA and MCSA. For expert-level credentials, they include MCSE and MCSD. So, whether you want a profile charmer or career booster, there’s something that will certainly accommodate you and your needs. For more information, please visit https://www.techicz.com

Moving on, one significant Microsoft certification that you might want to consider is MCSA: Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Exam 70-535 - Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

If you set the goal to get skills in cloud-related technologies and to get a position of a cloud administrator or cloud architect, MCSA Cloud Platform credential is for you. To gain it, you need to pass two exams of the four available, they are 70-532, 70-533, 70-535 and 70-537. In this article, we’ll discuss Microsoft Azure VCE 70-535 Dumps , which is focused on Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. This test may be your ultimate IT career gateway.

But take note, this exam isn’t an ordinary one. It checks your skills to implement cloud native, cloud migration and hybrid cloud solutions. You need to be skillful in working with Azure services as well as you should know how to design both public and hybrid cloud solutions. On top of that, you should be familiar with DevOps technologies and create resilient workloads based on Azure.

Now, you see that your preparation for this exam should be serious, as it is surely an important aspect. But how do you prepare with the abundant study resources offered online? Take a chill pill because here’s how you can pass the prep journey and ace the exam 70-535!

  1. Start with Microsoft Exam Ref
    The best way to start your preparation journey is through Microsoft Exam Ref 70-535 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. Authored by distinguished professionals - Haishi Bai, Dan Stolts, Santiago Fernandez Munoz - this book exposes you to the basics and most especially the objectives of Microsoft exam 70-535. This creates a good introductory knowledge, which you will need to last through your entire preparation course. By reading this exceptional book, you’ll acquire an overview of the objectives that include Compute Infrastructure, Security and Identity Solutions, Networking and Data Implementation, Platform Services and Operations.

  2. Learn to utilize training courses
    Presented in a more engaging manner, training courses are great resources to capitalize on in case you get tired of plain-looking books. These allow you to not just strengthen your Azure technical skills but also enjoy every step of your learning process. Online training programs are significant instruments that bring and elaborate your knowledge into a higher level. It is because most of these provide you with a more comprehensive outline of Azure subjects, including Virtual Machines, Virtual Network, App Services, Storage, Identity, Database and Workloads. Thus, after all these online training courses, you are molded into a well-rounded and highly-prepared individual. And to ensure that you are on the right track, you can take advantage of the instructor-led training provided by Microsoft, which offers a detailed and interactive summary of the objectives.

  3. Practice using ExamSnap dumps
    To address certain exam issues and hesitations, don’t miss some exam dumps and fully incorporate everything you need to know before the exam. And for sure, you’ll not be disappointed with the benefits you’ll gain after using these study references. ExamSnap, in particular, is a prized website among IT aspirants because it provides valuable practice tests through easy-to-use and downloadable dumps. These dumps feature real and reliable questions, all gathered from competent IT people who want to share their knowledge with others. And with the aid of the VCE Player, these files can be practiced in a unique learning interface with fascinating features. Aside from exam dumps, ExamSnap also provides a 9-hour training course for 70-535 exam, which has over a hundred lectures. These videos are meant to cover all the sub-objectives so that you’ll gain knowledge of the important in-between topics.

  4. Maximize all Microsoft resources
    One of the most advantageous aspects of acquiring a Microsoft certification exam is that they want to make sure that exam takers are well taken care of in terms of study materials. Hence, they make it a point to lay out every single thing that they deem to be important to pass their certification exams. And for exam 70-535, they provide various significant resources such as blogs, articles and services related to the exam. All these materials are easily accessible online so that exam takers will not have a hard time looking for the best options. All you have to do is simply read the list, understand and digest all the information provided from their official website.

  5. Keep abreast with the updates and trends
    Even if you know that exam 70-535 majorly focuses on creating infrastructure and building applications via Azure platform, you shouldn’t limit your learning process. Always take into account that certification exams do come and go. And sooner or later, old exams will be retired and new ones will take over the industry. That is why it’s important to be updated with everything surrounding your professional field. Thus, 70-535 exam will be replaced by AZ-300 and AZ-301 exams soon.

    Being updated with all the advancements gives you nonstop kind of education. And for you to be informed with every IT update, join the Microsoft community and follow their social media accounts. These references are essential online platforms that create significant topics and discussions about various Microsoft certifications and exams. Through them, you can interact with your fellow candidates as well as seasoned professionals, in a more professional and interesting manner.


It’s time to do your utmost and start your IT career expansion through MCSA Cloud Platform Exam 70-535. So, if you are a network engineer, a database administrator, or a software architect with a background in Azure, then you might want to give this test a try. This in-demand certification exam from the ever-famous Microsoft magnifies everything you need to know about designing Azure solutions. And that’s the reason to get serious about exam preparation. Use the most updated material from Microsoft and ExamSnap websites and pass your 70-535 and az-900 certification exams on your first try. 

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