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How massive is the effect of peer-to-peer networking?

Peer to Peer networking has generated tremendous interest worldwide among both Internet surfers and computer networking professionals. Peer-to-peer software systems like Kazaa and Napster rank among the most popular software applications ever. Numerous businesses and websites have promoted "peer-to-peer" technology as the future of Internet networking.

Although they have actually existed for many years, peer-to-peer technologies promise to radically change the future of networking. Peer-to-peer file sharing software has also created much controversy over the legality and fair use. In general, experts disagree on various details of peer-to-peer and precisely how it will evolve in the future.

Now on your own, you will be working in groups to show the potential of working in teams and how each person or group can contribute know the advantages and disadvantages of peer-to-peer networking.

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