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Cities, towns, and villages are all forms of local municipal governments. These governments are close to the everyday lives of the residents and have a great effect on their daily activities.   Municipal governments exist to provide services to the residents that live there, paid for by revenue collected in the form of the local taxes in the cities (sales tax, property tax, business tax, and tourism dollars).  Remember, all local governments in our country derive their power from state governments, which must incorporate them.  This is according to an 1868 premise known as Dillon's Rule.

Have you ever wanted to change the rules in the city where you live? Maybe stay out all night and eliminate curfew. Provide amusement parks paid for with city taxes!? Now's your chance!  You will be creating a charter as a brochure, laying out the details of this amazing new municipality.  Be creative and imaginative!  No other city in America will be like yours!

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