How to gain benefit from e-learning?



CBL (computer-base learning) means the use of computer in the learning process in the classroom or outside the classroom. CBT (computer-base training) gives access to the self-paced educational activities via computer. The students are graded via online assessments like multiple choice questions or other written assessments that can easily be scored with the help of using a computer. The score of these assessments are recorded online and the learners can print the achievement record as a certificate. It provide great stimulus than traditional methods of learning in the classroom from textbook or manual instructions. It enables to get more skills and knowledge with modern methodology which is more affective to individual learning. Visual learning advantages can be achieved with the help of animation and video. The online material can be distributed at a very low cost to a number of learners. Therefore, it needs some enormous resources to create effective computer-base training which is sometime more complex to use for a learner or a teacher.

The most recent developments in CSCL (computer-supported collaborative learning) are known as E-Learning 2.0. It enables the students to work together and learn through group activities. There are chat-rooms for the learners to discuss and share their ideas and experiences in the presence of an online instructor or without him.

The technologies used in the process of E-Learning have been divided in to asynchronous and synchronous activities. The technologies like blogs, discussion boards are used in asynchronous activities. The main purpose of asynchronous activities is to exchange ideas and information without the presence of other participant. For instance, writing essays online services also provide  remote information exchange. Electronic mail can be received or sent without the involvement of any other participant at the same time. Synchronous activities contain the exchange of knowledge and ideas with one participant or more than one participant. These activities could be more useful if all the course-mates join the online chat-session or meetings at the same time and have face to face discussion. Here the learners express their thoughts and responses to the statements using emoticons during the virtual classrooms. Small groups are also set to complete a task given to the learners. Text notes and breakout sessions are also available here to make them good learners.

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