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Welcome Learners! We are going to be navigating active learning concepts in an online environment. This is the beginning of your adventure into nursing using active learning. The focus is to engage, participate, initiate, and create new knowledge. The WebQuest is an instructional resource that is intended to provide educators with designs for activities and teaching strategies to use in the facilitation of online or web-based self-learning models. They can be created using various programs that include links to multiple websites in an inquiry, problem-based learning activity that integrates independent, teamwork, higher order thinking, and access to the internet.

WebQuests are used to promote student motivation, authentic learning, collaboration, and cooperation. They provide essential questions to real-life resources. WebQuests, by their very nature, encourage the development of thinking skills. The purpose of this WebQuest is for you all to share ideas, examples, and inspire ways that nursing students may incorporate classroom concepts for more meaningful learning in the online collaborative community. The assigned tasks require you as students to transform information into something else: a cluster that maps out the major issues, a comparison, a hypothesis, or a solution.


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