Unit-2-What-do-you-do-after-school (1)



● Point to the first flashcard and say It’s a quarter past twelve.
Point to the second flashcard and say It’s a quarter to twelve.
Have pupils come to the board and point to one flashcard
at a time and ask What’s the time? Use What time is it? as well
to revise the structure. Pupils point to the correct pictures.
● Revise the times they know: o’clock and half past. Draw
clocks on the board to practise the time. Ask What’s the
time? Pupils reply, for example, It’s six o’clock. It’s half past six.
● Say My favourite day is today, Thursday! Show pupils by gesture
and facial expression that favourite means you like it best of
all. Ask pupils questions, for example, Which is your favourite
day at school? Why? What’s your favourite subject?

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