How does Ethnicity and Culture Influence Identity?



Welcome Year 11!

Today you are going to investigate the way ethnicity and culture influences the formation of identity. You are going to do this by researching some culturally specific rites of passage that mark a change in identity for its individuals and groups. 

Before we get started on the details for the activity, lets re-cap from last lesson. 

Last lesson you:

  • learnt how gender and the media can influence identity
  • identified continuities and changes in gender stereotypes over time
  • began your own research, finding examples of what gendered expectations for males and females look like in the media

Today we are going to continue developing our research skills, exploring how our ethnicity and culture influences socialisation, identity development and the coming of age for individuals in a variety of social and cultural settings. Specifically, you will look into how rituals and rites of passage associated with particular ethnicities and cultures create an identity and sense of inclusion into a group or culture. 

Key concepts for this lesson:

  • culture
  • ethnicity
  • identity 
  • ritual
  • rites of passage 

Before moving on to the 'Tasks' tab, take a minute to write down your understanding/definitions of the key terms for this lesson. Do this by starting a new word document which you will use to complete the entire lesson.

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