Challenges and Coping in Interaction Work - Social Sustainablity in Health Care



Each Health Care professional experiences daily, that Interaction Work (work involving emotions) can be psychologically highly demanding; it might even cause psychic illness.

The challenges in Health Care are ...

  1. Emotions of the care-receiver as a work object - Influencing the emotional state of the communication partners positively in order to encourage and reach a certain goal.
  2. Own Emotions as a condition - Own feelings (like disgust) and expressions (anger) have to be suppressed (like consternation when patient dies). Or vice versa, they have to be expressed, as in showing emotions like politeness despite actually feeling anger.
  3. Emotions as means of work - Feelings are your instruments of perception, understanding and interpretation, for example when you touch the skin and find out that the patient has an elevated temperature.

The aim of this WebQuest is dealing with your (psychic) health in terms of Interaction Work and thinking about sustaining it in the long run and what conditions this requires: Focus your individual resources working yourselves through this WebQuest (!)

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