Verbal Venom



Robert and Katie are both 17 and have been dating for almost a year now. Their relationship can be very extreme at times. Robert is known as a very calm person while Katie is known to be very emotional and, at times, explosive. Over the past month, Robert has started to express concerns that he doesn't feel as strongly about Katie as he used too to his friend Jason. He decides to tell Katie that he wants to take a break. As Robert's good friend, Jason begins to get concerned when Katie becomes very upset with Robert and starts belittling him over the phone. Katie's choice of words were not nice an anyway, but Robert brushes it off as no big deal. The next day Jason over hears Katie telling Robert that he is crazy and they are meant to be together forever. This does not surprise Jason coming from Katie since she never agrees with Robert and often times tells him he is wrong or convinces him otherwise. To add onto this, Jason has noticed that Robert isn't as outgoing and upbeat as he was a year ago. Jason can't help but wonder if Katie and the way she speaks to Robert has an relation to this. He is beginning to think that Robert might be a victim of verbal abuse, but needs your help in determining if this is true or not. Is Jason right?

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