Revolutionary War



In April 1765, the Revolutionary War has begun at the battle of Lexington, British soldiers and American colonist have their riffles pointed at each other and are ready to battle. However, the tension between the colonies and Britain did not begin until after the Seven Years War, also known as the French and Indian War. This war began whenever Britain declared war on France because the French were expanding into the Ohio River Valley which was repeatedly brining them into armed conflict with the British colonies. After seven years of fighting, the war ended with the Treaty of Hubertusburg and Paris where France lost all of their claims to Canada and lost Louisiana to Spain. However, after the victory of this war, Britain found themselves in a lot of debt. Therefore, they turned to the colonies for financial help.

The Revolutionary War officially began in April of 1775; however, there were many events that led to this war. In the WebQuest, you are going to determine some of the many causes and effects that led to the revolt of the colonies, sparking the Revolutionary War.

Your objectives by Sections:

1.) Sugar Act (1764)

2.) Stamp Act (1765)

3.) Boston Massacre (1770)

4.) Boston Tea Party (1763)

5.) Intolerable Acts (1764)

All answers from each section should be recorded onto the provided answer packet.

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