Digital Revolution Changes the World: The 1990's

Introduction: Definitions in Your Words


PART A:  On the google doc, read the instructions and use the hyperlinks below in the intro text to learn and then complete the definitions according to the instructions under Part A.

During the 1990's, a Digital Revolution was helping to bring the world into American's homes in way not yet experienced before. With 24 hour a day news channels debuting on cable tv and new "dot.com" companies, and the wonder of electronic or "email", Americans began to see the news and share the news in ways never thought possible. Was the world getting crazier? Or were we just seeing the world in the 1990's through a different lens?

Your task this week will be to watch summaries of some of the major news stories and events of the 1990's, and answer the questions for Part B.   Use the Turn In options in Google Classroom to submit your document when finished.  For the videos for Part B, click TASK in the left pane of this window to see the links.

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