Court Case: Victor Frankenstein vs. His Creation



The case will be heard in a civil court, where a suit is brought by one individual (plaintiff) against another (defendant), whereas in criminal court, the case is between the state (prosecution) and the defendant. 

After students have identified the charges and reviewed terms (Wizardly Words:  Civil Case, Plaintiff, Defendant, Malpractice, Negligence, Direct Examination, Cross Examination, Emotional Distress, and Physical Distress), they will each take an active role in the court case. 

Roles for this mock trial will be broken up into three teams:

Team "Victor":  Lawyers for the defendant, Victor Frankenstein, William Frankenstein, Elizabeth, Robert Walton, Ethicist, and a Medical Expert.

Team "Creature":  Lawyers for the plaintiff, the Creature, Justine Moritz, Henry Clerval, DeLacey, Ethicist, and a Medical Expert.

Team "Judge and Jurors":  Judge and his Jurors

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