Suicide Prevention Training




Do you feel competent in assessing a patient's risk of suicide, or the tools to screen for suicide in your workplace? 

Nursing staff have a responsibility to be informed regarding suicide risk and assessment. By learning about suicide risk factors and the tools to screen for suicide, nurses can participate in the improvement of: risk management and reduction, patient safety, reduction of liability insurance costs,  and fulfilling regulatory requirements for your place of employment.

 The screening tools you will observe have been shown effective in the reduction of preventable patient suicide. These tools give nurses a framework of best practice to avoid a suicide attempt. Having staff nurses show competence in understanding the risk factors for suicide and preventative strategies will make organizations safer for patients and staff.

The following WebQuest training program will assist you in learning important components of
suicide risk assessment.

  Contact Information

Instructor: James Green RN, BSN

Email: Jgreen34@comcast.net

Phone: 713-741-4959 (office)

Address: 2800 South MacGregor Way, Houston, Tx. 77021



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