Family Types



What Is Really A family?

Children's growing competence and development is largely influenced by family life and relationships as young children form ideas about themselves and other people early in life. It is important to begin teaching children about the importance and different types of families to help them recognise and accept differences and similarities beyond the surface.

Children develop and learn within all types of families and family members are the most important people in young children’s lives. When teachers understand families as a system and the impact of parenting in early childhood, they are better able to develop partnerships with families and to help create an environment that meets the needs of each child. This lesson shares perspectives for understanding families and provides an introduction to the importance of family and the different types of family using various technology tools.

The world is becoming technologically savvy and as such it is imperative that both educators and students become digital citizens as they learn, and work in an interconnected digital world, and model in ways that are safe and ethical. Let us explore our lesson through this interesting webquest.  Do you know what a family is? Let us explore

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