Gilded Age: Captains of Industry...Too Much Wealth?



Today is March 21, 1877, the first day of spring. As you walk out of your rented, urban brownstone apartment in New York City into the warm sunshine, you see the corner newsboys hawking papers. You see immigrants rushing to work in industrial factories.  You quickly buy a copy of the NY Herald, skimming through screaming headlines...Coal Miners Demand Higher Pay, Anger Towards Greedy Robber Barons".  A competing headlines says "Captains of Industry Disagree, Say They are Making America Great!"  You wonder to yourself, "who ARE these "robber baron"?...these "captains of industry".  To find out, you head down to the New York City Public Library to research and find out more.    To complete this research, click on the TASK tab in the left pane for more details...

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