I'm Just a Bill, Sitting on Capitol Hill



In class we have been discussing the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the reasoning behind the laws that protect us and make our lives better; Yet, have you ever stopped to think about how those bills became laws? Who has the power to make the laws? Why did people feel so strongly about issues that they created rules for everyone?  

If you have headphones, put them in now and watch the old school...SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK! "I'M JUST A BILL".   How about have you ever seen the Family Guy parody?  Ha!  Or this one from the Simpsons?  Ouch. But seriously, if you could create a law, what would it be? What process would your proposed bill have to go through to become a law? Who would be impacted by your law? Would everyone support your idea, or would some people have differing view points? 

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